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@wanderquest – Disaster area? That all looks very organized to me. 😯

@munchkin – Your list of things you hate is very similar to mine as well. Especially the getting up, getting dressed part and being on time part. The things you like, however, I can’t say I do. Although I might like talking to people in person if I had lower anxiety and higher self esteem.

@Larynxa – Out of sight, out of mind. I try to explain that to people, that they have to remind me of things and if they leave a note for me or something it has to be in a place where I can’t miss it. Preferably more than one place.

And I have a really hard time keeping track of things that are a long  way off. Like when the doctor gives me a requisition form for blood tests that I have to get done 3 months from now, or a prescription that doesn’t need to be filled right away. I pretty much forget about them as soon as I walk out of the office. And I often have to phone to find out when my appointment is because I have lost the card. I am a little better now because I have started trying to write everything on the calendar. That way Husband reads it and reminds me.

I never know what to say at job interviews and I don’t understand the purpose of half the questions they ask. What difference does it make where I see myself 5 years from now? And how should I know why I want to work for their company?  I just need a job.