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I don’t actually find that practice interviews help at all. It’s not the same as doing the real thing. Besides, I have never once been asked a question from a practice interview in a real interview. At least not beyond the typical ones that you can expect to be asked.

I have done all the personality tests and career interest surveys and seminars etc. Some of what they came up with was interesting, but not practical. At my age and with my finances and other obligations, going to university for 4 or 5 years isn’t an option and that is what I would have to do to get into any of the careers that come up on the tests.

Now working for a not-for-profit, that I could get into. It would be nice to do something that makes a difference. Just as long as there is no dishonesty and corruption… That I could not tolerate. And high and mighty people who think they’re something special and deserve to be constantly congratulated for the good work that they do…..

Okay, I clearly have some issues. But it is something I would consider doing. 🙂

I can relate to becoming proficient at things that are not an ideal fit as well. I think I would excel in a boring repetitive job as long as the reward is good and I have enough interesting stuff to do on the side. That is why I am considering doing office work, like transcribing,  from home. It doesn’t seem like a good idea but I think it will work because it takes the pressure off, no worries about being on time or being organized. And I can do lots of creative stuff in my spare time to make up for the boredom, which I don’t have the time and energy to do with a regular job. Plus, there is little opportunity for your mind to wander when you have one task to do that requires your full attention.

The main reason I am hesitating to do the training is what Bibliophile  said about not knowing what you enjoy or changing your mind about what you enjoy from day to day. I always think to myself ‘but what if I spend all that money on the course and then I hate the job?’. Throughout my life I have wanted to do everything from A-Z. (Literally- Astronaut and Zoo Keeper were both on the list at one point in time.)