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Well, punctuality is always number one with a bullet. If I could be on time, or even a little early, it would make a huge difference.

Also, when I’m working alone with no supervision, I tend to procrastinate, lose track of time, or just plain goof off. On the other hand, if I have too much supervision, I choke up. I can’t function with someone breathing down my neck.

The times when I do the best are when I am being creative or innovative in some way, trying out something new. Except that sometimes I will hyperfocus and forget everything else. And if I am really thinking hard about something while I am doing it I will tend to slow down.

Repetitive tasks make me want to pull my hair out. But sometimes they are good, if they are simple enough not to require too much thought, because then my mind can wander off someplace more interesting. But then  I have trouble knowing if I have done something or not because it becomes so routine that I a) do it without thinking and have no memory of it or b) forget to do it but have a false memory of having done it.

If there is anything I need to remember to do the next day, I have to make a note of it. And if anything changes while I am not there, something new that needs to be done,  I need someone else to make a note of it for me or I  won’t notice.

I think that pretty well covers it. Unless we get into socializing with coworkers and dealing with authority figures. That’s a whole different can of worms.