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I think I am going to start using “waiting for a planetary alignment”. 😉

The problem is the spirit moves me and the planets align at the most inconvenient times. It seems I always get in the mood to do something right when I have to do something else like go to work or do the grocery shopping. Or I get a really cool idea for something that I want to do but I am missing something that I need to do it or I have a bunch of other stuff that I have todo first and it just kills me that I can’t do it right then and there. And then of course I forget about it.

I have to sort of rev myself up to do stuff. I keep telling myself over and over what I am going to do and that I’m going to get it done and kind of get excited about doing it. Like right now, I’ve been telling myself since this morning that I am going to go and finish cleaning up the kitchen (which I started yesterday) and chop up all the veggies and stuff for dinner and get it all  ready so I just have to throw it in the cooker….And that I. really want to get this done. I was planning to have it done before the movie that started half an hour ago  so that I could sit and watch it and relax for a couple of hours. but it’s taken me this long to get ready. 😐

I also ingest massive amounts of caffein and/or sugar when I really have to get psyched up for something. The key is to spread it out and not to over do it so that I end up crashing. There’s like a sweet spot where I have had just the right amount and I start to feel like I’m ready to go. 😀