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@Larynxa, numbs your emotions in what way?
My psychiatrist is just getting me on to Effexor XR, I’ve been taking it for 3 days now at 37.5 mg and then 75 mg next week, switching from Cypralex 20 mg.

She doesn’t think I have ADD because I wasn’t trouble and I did well in school. She thinks it is Depression and Anxiety. But for the most part of my life I’ve been a pretty content person. It is just when things get really difficult when my depression kicks in; like when my parents split, when I broke up with my g-friend of six years and now being a father of two young children on a single income.

I’m really second guessing this transition of meds and reading your other thread of getting off them has me a little scared. I meet with my GP on the 18th of this month; maybe I should try to get in sooner.