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@skippingrock I just switched back to taking the Cipralex in the evening after trying it in the morning for awhile. And I still feel sleepy. I’ve had a bit of a rough time with it, some nasty side effects in the beginning. I have to stick with it for another four weeks. And then I might have to endure having the dose increased to 20 mg for awhile before I convince my doctor that he’s barking up the wrong tree again.

You think having a hard time accepting praise is bad, I felt guilty and anxious yesterday because someone held a door open for me. I never know what to do when someone offers to help me or give me something. I used to dread having my coworkers offer to share their lunch with me. I would make up excuses to say no, like saying I just wasn’t hungry.

I think my therapist is right. I really do need to go to that self esteem group.