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Like Blackdog and Shutterbug, I  haven’t had much luck with those key finders either . Lost them or forgot to change the batteries when I did use them 🙂  I even have a luggage finder thingy that’s supposed to blink when it’s on the carousel. Never used it yet. Too much trouble  for my ADD brain to remember to attach it to the baggage before leaving on a trip 🙂

So far the best tracking device I use regularly is a carabiner attached to my purse. Since my car has a “smart” ignition I don’t have to detach the keys at all. This  also saves digging around in my purse.

Now to digress…Speaking of tracking objects:

I was shopping today and saw some sort of electronic device that you attach to whatever it is you want to track and it claimed to be able to find it with a your iPhone. At least I think that’s how it worked because I wasn’t really looking for anything like that so didn’t absorb the info. Anyhow, after reading the above posts I decided to do a Google search for the device on the store’s website but it doesn’t appear to be listed.

So did a broader  search and came up with a device called  The Tile.


Sounds like an interesting concept at first glance but maybe a bit too big brother. Especially disturbing if you consider this: http://www.komando.com/tips/12337/household-appliances-will-spy-on-you

When I  came back here to the TADD Forum  directly from the Tile website I noticed that the pop up add that suddenly appeared was for the Tile. That really creeped me out! Although it is humorously ironic!

However, I immediately decided to turn off Google tracking.  It’s been bugging me for a while but have  been procrastinating.

Anyway,  Here’s another article you might want to read if you don’t like the idea of your online search activity being monitored and recorded forever:


Now I know how my keys feel 🙂