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SDWA – You bring up a good topic.   There are probably many who have the same issue.

I have been reading your posts and sympathize with you.  I haven’t responded because I haven’t had any constructive ideas or comments and didn’t think my sarcastic humor appropriate.

There are several ways I deal with the issue you bring up.

I don’t consider myself a bad person.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t screw up or say things that I later regret.  Every one does at one time or another, and I am not alone in this.  While people are certainly justified in reacting to such lapses in my judgement, doesn’t necessarily mean  that I am deserving of their chastising or wrath.  (I believe all this applies to you as well SWDA.)

So I first try to give them the benefit of the doubt and think that maybe I misunderstood what was said to me or the glance they sent my way.  Perhaps they are having a bad day and need a dog to kick.  I’m OK with that, if it makes them feel better.

If that doesn’t work, I think, “Well, if they can’t take a joke . . .”  Or as Steve Martin would say, “WELL, EXCUSE ME.”  Generally what bothers me more is not what was said to me, but the thought that I may have upset or offended them.

Perhaps, becauset I don’t get offended by the remarks or actions of others, I am . . strange.  Or perhaps it is because I freely and instantly forgive and forget.  Which is perhaps also strange.  But what I’ve heard is – “that the greatest benefit in forgiveness is for the one forgiving, not the forgiven.”  It just makes for less baggage to carry around.  Even if for a day.

These are a couple of ways I address this issue, and feel that I am happier in doing so.

OR .  .  .   perhaps its because I just don’t give a #$%^ anymore.  (The truth be known!)