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Oh, these all sound so familiar. Let’s see…

Every morning for at least 10 years I opened the wrong cupboard when I went to get a cup for my tea/coffee. And I will open the cupboard to get a plate out and get a bowl instead, and vice versa. And then there are the times when I stand there with the door open trying to remember what it was I wanted to get.

Once I make the tea or coffee I forget about it and leave it on the kitchen counter. Sometime later I will find it, reheat it, and then let it sit and go cold again.

Once I was cooking before I went to work and  in the middle of my shift at work I suddenly dropped what I was doing and gasped, making everyone look at me, then blurted out “I forgot to turn the rice off!” Fortunately, my boyfriend had gone into the kitchen and seen it and turned it off in time to avoid anything more serious than a very messy pot.

I turn the air conditioner on but forget to close the windows.

And one time after doing the grocery shopping I was sitting on the couch typing emails and forum posts and whatnot and it vaguely registered in my mind that my butt felt cold. After a few minutes I became more aware of the cold sensation, looked to see what was causing it, and discovered I was sitting on a package of breakfast sausages.

And that is only a fraction of the entire list.