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i can recognize myself in most of what is written (right there before i wrote ”what” i couldnt remember what i was gonna write) … well there you go thats a example …

I too when i leave the house or even when i have to go in the other room i check the stove, 1,2,3,10 times to make sure its off… it drives me nuts when i do it and i have to convince myself that its turned off…


In the middle of a conversation i often ask the person infront of me ”what was i talking about”


Cleaning the house … i start something and then do something else and always fnish late because i cant finish what i first did in the first place…

When i am thinking at some point i get this blank in my head where i dont even know what i was thinking about…

so there you are those are some examples…

I started vyvanse 30 mg only 2 days ago… I hope it helps me.