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To all those who posted above me, I have always been fascinated with the human brain and riveted to understanding why we do the things that we do.  I have AD/HD, and I am a highly sensitive person (I also read the book in the past).  One of my cousins who has ADHD has a son who has been diagnosed as having Aspergers.

I have many of the symptoms mentioned by all of you who posted above me to varying degrees plus other symptoms.  I was also born with a gift for language.  My brain even has seretonin and dopamine “fireworks of pleasure” whenever I hear words and/or see the spelled word in my brain.

My aforementioned cousin’s son and I love studying/learning.  We both have sensitivities.  I feel so comfortable when I am with him.

Based upon my research thus far, I find that AD/HD, Aspergers, Autism are on a spectrum and there is an overlap of symptoms to varying degrees.  I heard or read somewhere that a psychiatrist said they were now focusing on studying AD/HD in much more depth, as they believe it to be the key to understanding Autism.

We are all unique.  But I keep hoping that we can all be accepted by everyone AS THE PEOPLE WE NATURALLY ARE (along with our respective disorders/syndromes/etc.).

Despite the fact that I will never live up to the expectations of the neuro-typical people in my life regarding the mundane, day-to-day tasks that I must complete, I still think that I AM normal.  I am tired of having to struggle so much to accomplish the simple, mundane tasks in order to please neuro-typical people.  I would much rather spend my time learning, creating, composing, inventing, solving, etc. … you know HAVE FUN!

I am oblivious to clocked time anyway.  I only “feel” time dragging while I am bored out of my mind trying to complete mundane day-to-day tasks.  I never “feel” time while I am having fun.  Only when something jars me out of my hyper focus upon a fun pursuit do I realize that many hours have passed by, and I failed to complete “important” tasks.

I really loved your post Larynxa.  It was a great summary and explanation.

For anyone who has Aspergers/Autism, I highly recommend anything written by Temple Grandin.  Here is her website link:  http://www.templegrandin.com/ where you can find a list of all of her books.  She has given lectures as well, which you may find on Youtube by entering her name.

Outoftune, I have no degree to diagnose anyone.  However, I would suggest that you also read Temple Grandin’s books or listen to her Youtube videos.  It sounds like you exhibit some of the same behaviors that people with Autism experience, but in your own unique degree.

All the best to everyone.