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Their really is an fine line between add, and autism..My wife and I had to get three different opinions from Doctors on our son Micah who’s 12 years old now, but at the time we started to began to think our son was struggling with some sort of disadvantage we really was caught by surprise because initially we just thought it was some type of phase that kids went through at his age. He was three years young when we noticed strange things that he would do like constantly taking toys, or just various things lying around on the floors or in his bed and moving then from one place to another repetitively over and over..My wife was more keen on noticing the behavior than I was! Then one day at daycare I get approached by his sitters and she told me that Micah didn’t interact with the other kids as much..So after we got that information, we started really discussing the possible potential problems he may have been having. Shortly after this is when I noticed that he wasn’t responding to his name as much as before and not making eye contact whenever we pick him up or hold him..That’s when we got our first opinion..Later we learned from doing our own research online and through various articles that most of the characteristics of his behavior was most associated with Autism after our first professional diagnosis said it was ADHD..and that’s what made us get the second opinion which was a diagnosis of Autism, then after with the third that was also Autism..So it is really a fine line with the characteristics and you really have to careful and do a lot of self education for yourself to help yourself or your children..After some research done online we have found a useful program online that we implement to help reverse some of his characteristics and to be quite honest we’ve seen significant improvements in Micah!..And I would be more than glad to give a link to the website for anyone who would like the information..http://ibourl.com/20py