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I hear you loud and clear!

I try to think about it as an ADHD-related processing problem, it helps to take away from the self-blame. I tend to get through half of a fantastic sentence, and then hit a wall and fumble for words.


— Take care of yourself. I don’t know about you, but after a few days of not sleeping or eating well, I can hardly string two words together.
— I’m still working on slow down as well….give time for your mouth to catch up to your thoughts. Or vice-versa.
— Know your talking points, and stick to them (jot them down if possible). Sometimes,tangents are not your friend.
— This may or may not be feasible in your job, but think of what control you have over when and where you talk. (Schedule for time of day when you are usually at your best, suggest an alternate time to meet if you feel caught off-guard).
–At times, I tell people that I sometimes fumble for words, and asked them to ask questions if anything is unclear. I don’t make it a biggie, but it also puts it out there and makes both of us responsible for the communication.
— Accept it. So you don’t always speak clearly. Big deal. What shines is your personality, and your ideas will get across in some fashion. I have worked with people with significant speech issues, which did not take away from their professionalism.
— I know that last one sounds a little simplistic and even patronizing, but it really helped me once I figured it out. It didn’t take away the problem, but it helped me deal with it. It’s like finally accepting that it’s pouring rain outside and you don’t have an umbrella — then stepping out anyway because you want to go places!

Good luck!