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I am pursuing my cousin brother to go for a check up and to see whether he has ADHD. The problem, however, arises from the fact that he has mixed symptoms. It’s like regarding focusing on a particular topic/issue, if he decides to do it, he can. But, he himself has told me that getting distracted by the commonest thing while he is trying to focus has become a regular issue with him. The noise thing is another part. He has shouted on his friends, me and other family members several time to ask them to be quiet. But then he listens to music in high volume when he is alone and wants to work on something as it seems the high volume helps him! Recently during playing some online games with my little one I saw him shifting through one game to the other without completing any one of them and the kid got so mad at him! Don’t know if any of these or all of these can be considered as symptoms but I think a check up should do him some good.