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I haven’t been diagnosed but have an appointment beginning of December…I have always had a hard time hearing conversations in loud restaurants to the point of having my hearing tested, only to find it was ok.  So, in those environments, I “check out” and my mind goes a-wandering, further increasing my social isolation.   I hadn’t thought about my sensitivities much until suspecting I have ADD.  I do hate my hands getting wet/goey. Oddly, I enjoy baths because I’ll have a glass of wine and read a good book while soaking, but if I am only taking showers (during the summer) I will go as many days as I can stand without taking one because I just hate getting wet and then having to get dried off again.  The hot water in the shower feels good, but it’s the being wet afterwards that I hate.

I also noticed a strange bird call, not that it bothered me but I obsessed on it because it sounded like a whimpering dog (and I love dogs…); I would hear that darn bird and it would distract me, while at the same time no one else could hear it until I helped them focus in on it, including my husband!

I don’t have too many sensations that bother me overall, but my mother is an identical twin, and she and her sister hate fruits and many vegetables because of the texture!  I don’t mind them, though.

Speaking of dogs, my dogs are barking right now and that does send me up the wall.  They’re outside barking at our horses on the fence line, and my female in particular that has a bark that  drives me crazy, like my nerves are grating, makes me angry and almost violent to her.  I love my dogs but that noise is one aspect that I could really do without!  I can see why some neighbors go crazy over peoples’ dogs barking too much – maybe they suffer from ADHD, too!   Thankfully, I’m in the country and don’t have neighbors close enough to care!  Perfect environment for me LOL!

It’s interesting to think about.  Justinac, I hope you find a solution to help you.  I like the idea of the ear plugs.