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Hi everyone

I am new here I was diagnosis when I was 50 it was a real eye opener. Add sure explains my life and the mess it is in. Not all my life is bad just so many relationship issues. Struggle with being the person I am suposed to be seem to mess up every where. I have friends but don’t visit or talk to them much. I feel overwhelmed with work and just taking care of my home. I like my down time. I often just want to get away from everyone some where so no one can find me.  I am very edgey when the phone rings afraid someone needs me for something or a ride some where. being interuped really sets me off am I the only one that feels that way?  wish I could get some help I have books that help can’t seem to get things going find it hard on my own feel like my husband doesn’t believe me. There is so much Add can have an affect on.