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I am so glad Rick is doing this webinar. It’s happening right when I leave work, don’t know if I can make it, but definitely want to hear it.

Yesterday there was an article on MSN claiming 1 in 10 children is diagnosed with ADHD in the U.S. The vitriolic response blew my mind. The article itself was fluffy and a little sensational – it’s not like the media tries to be accurate or informative. But the response? Wow.

All kinds of attacks from people who say ADHD is the result of bad parenting, and how back in their day, parents just used “the belt” to “cure” their kids of ADHD, and it’s just an excuse for bad behavior and poor manners,  invented by evil drug companies who are brain-washing stupid parents into believing their children have a disorder, and helping teachers and parents avoid responsibility for doing their jobs and/or vaccines are poisoning our children and leading to autism disorders.

Apparently, we’re all brainwashed, imagining the whole thing, or trying to use it to get away with murder. Not to mention addicted to ADHD medication, which is so much like crack cocaine it’s not even funny.

Never mind that some of don’t even use medication. Or did fine in school. Or were never behavior problems to anyone but ourselves.

It was kind of appalling.

People are right to be skeptical. I’ve been skeptical. But at certain point, you would think an honest search for information ought to trump kneejerk hostility.