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I could give someone a better understanding of the Special Theory of Relativity in 30 min than I could of ADHD over several hours.  The effects of ADHD are far more complicated.  Because ADHD is so complicated in its effects, I am sure there are no short articles that would provide any significant understanding of the disorder.  But for quick explanations, you might try these.

The ADHD brain focuses on what is interesting, not what is important (This comes from Larynxa.  I don’t know where she got it, but it’s good.)

One that occurred to me is – like small corrections made in driving a car to keep it on the road, the brain needs small corrections to keep it focused and on task.  People with ADHD lack this ability.

There are also small but significant differences in some of the brain’s structures and chemistry.

For a video, ADD and Loving it, produced by Rick  and available through this site’s store, is good for a start.

For purposes of getting a little extra support, you’re probably better not mentioning ADHD, but rather saying you have a minor disability which makes it difficult for you to do whatever it is for which you need the support.

When it comes to wives, children, parents or anyone with whom you have a significant and lasting relationship, then you need to get them (and yourself) into books to get an understanding about ADHD and how it affects relationships.  Unfortunately, this is far easier said than done.  However, you might have them take one of the ADHD self assessment tests just so they can see the types of issues that you face.