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Oooh….It is such a good thing I did NOT see that article. Those people would have made me very, very angry. Very Angry indeed. (always loved Marvin the Martian.) They never got a whipping from daddy’s belt like the tongue lashing they would have gotten from me.

However, a little skepticism is a good thing. And big pharmaceutical companies are evil. The only thing they care about is profit. They absolutely do push medications. Just like McDonald’s pushes Big Macs and with as little regard for people’s health. My basic philosophy is follow the money. If somebody stands to make a huge profit off of telling you something then you better check to make sure what they are telling you is true. And 9 times out of 10 it won’t be, at least not completely.

Interesting little fact: Welbutrin was not developed as an ADHD medication and was never tested for the treatment of ADHD.

People will never believe what they can’t see. And someone who is neuro-typical can’t see what it’s like to not be. And it’s easier for them to believe that ADHD is just an excuse for bad behaviour because that excuses their behaviour when they are mean and nasty and unforgiving.