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>> My emotions are more like a hot water heater with a defective relief valve. Pressure builds until there is a massive explosion. Sometimes things get destroyed in the explosion and sometimes not. I start over and the pressure builds… It’s a cycle<<

Wow…that describes me perfectly.  Get out of my head LOL

Seriously, though, I’m the ADHD partner, and my poor wife has to put up with this all the time.  It actually happened to us the other night.  Long story short, I had dealt with an hour of frustration from my 4-year-old not listening while I was trying to cook dinner.  The reason I was dealing with it is because my wife fell asleep on the couch due to exhaustion (she’s an insomniac).

I finally got diner done and woke the wife up, then had to sit down and shovel mine in so I’d have time to get the munchkin ready for her dance class, and again, she decided to keep playing instead of listening when I asked her to do things–take off your socks, take off your jeans–no, don’t step on them, sit down and pull with your hands–wait, where’s your leotar–HEY!  GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM!

I lost it on that last one, screamed it.  Instantly felt horrible, but the wife came in a moment later and started (justifiably) laying into me about how I was treating our daughter, and that made it worse.  I ended up talking a long walk, like about two and a half miles, while the girls went to dance class, power walking and chain smoking the whole way.  Twenty seven minutes later (two and a half miles in twenty seven minutes–damn, I was almost running!), I was calm and level, and have been ever since.

GOD, I need a heavy bag!