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I haven’t drawn clockfaces recently, but I must have at one point.
Maybe even many, considering I do like making comics. I have drawn or doodled a lot of stuff in my life.
I cannot say for certian I always used to put the “quarter numbers” first, but I’d say, yeah, that is the way I’d do it.
But only because it makes visaully more sense. By going linear it’s very likely that people will screw up the spaces and not be able to fit all the numbers.

I’ve seen this exercise done by an Alzheimer patient in a Louis Theroux reportage. She could not even WRITE the numbers right, let alone place them correctly. Quite scary stuff, considering that the person in question was still relatively young and seemed all right.

I usually go for these oblique strategies to avoid confusion. I was helping my son building a truck with LEGO the other month and what I did to facilitate the search of the tiny little bricks was to organize them first by color: all red pieces here, then all yellow pieces there and so on.

I don’t know if this says anything about a condition, though. I would not think so.

About Anxiety: I may suffer from it. It does fit the bill. I’ve suffered from anxiety disorders between the age of 19 and 20, triggered by my problems in choosing a faculty and a career plan.
I had quite divergent ideas: artist, bricklayer or priest. No kidding.