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I’m 70 and use medication. The medication is a short term tool (about 1/2 a day). If the tool isn’t working, you have the wrong tool. If you can’t trust your doctor to work with you, you’ve got the wrong doctor. You are in charge of your health. The doctor is only an advisor – like all professionals. My 8 year old grandson decided to resume taking his 5 mg Focalin booster in the afternoon. Remarkable for an 8 year old. If he wants to stop, I’ll support him.

The kid is going to be “different” for his entire life. What kind of “different” is his choice.

The problem with ADHD is awareness. If you are not aware, you can’t fix or improve on the situation. Keep on fiddling with your ADHD. For myself, I found that the hyper-focus aspect was an incredible asset in my professional life.

Also, I used to take long walks during the workday. I referred to them as a “damage containment activity” – not installing errors into our products. Exercise alters your brain chemistry, big time. My research indicates that ADHD is caused by an excessive Dopamine re-uptake in the Caudate Nucleus of the  brain. Also, we have identified the ADHD trait in 6 of our generations (I’m in the 4th). I’m working with all my grandchildren to help them exploit their unique brain wiring.

The grandchildren have IEP’s (funded special ed). It’s hard to convince the professional teachers that “more time on tests” is a punishment and not an accommodation 🙂 If you are having trouble with a subject, try tutoring somebody else that has the same difficulty. It worked for me when I was in school.