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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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Some awesome posts here.  I do get that everyone’s experience is different.  But I also know that medication alone doesn’t make real change happen.  Today I took my tablet, first thing, but then as I sat down to work on my upcoming one-man comedy show I was stuck.  I have 4 more weeks to finish the show rehearse it, and create all the audio-visual stuff to go with it.  I decided to organize myself, finalize the order of the show this week, fine tune the dialogue… okay, the monologue… next week, then a week doing the audio and video stuff, and the final week would be rehearsal.

Sensible and organized.

And two hours went by with me getting almost nothing done.

Then I realized something I already know but keep forgetting.  I have ADHD, and trying to create in a linear, logical, scheduled, timed out manner DOES NOT WORK!  So I just started doing a bit of one section, then dashed off a whole bunch of ideas for another section, then had a great one-liner for another section, which turned into a whole lot of script, then I started a list of clips I’d like to include… I was all over the place, and in a few hours have gotten a ton done.

The breakthrough wasn’t the medication.  But now it’s mid-afternoon and rather than burned out, I still have some energy and I’m still going.  The productivity breakthrough came because I switched from trying to do things the way most people would, and did them the way that works for me.

What kills me though is that I completely forget how I work and what makes me productive… and instead I try and plan, organize, structure, and so on, because it seems sensible and logical.  But it kills my creativity and spontaneity.

Okay, back to work, Rick.