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Thanks, shutterbug55 – I do have an appointment with a psychiatrist after going to a therapist – she referred me on, in large part because of my depression but also because my mind is not registering being present.  How can I explain?  My mind is so all over the place, and the way she sees it, my brain doesn’t properly write memories/experiences because I’m just flitting along thinking about everything else but what I am actually doing/experiencing.  She gave me the job of practicing grounding, which so far I have been a failure at doing.   I forget to do it, first of all, and then when I try, I can’t reign in my thoughts to focus on the grounding.

As far as impairing, well, I’ve got a lifestyle at the moment that protects me from being hugely impaired.  I’m not employed, don’t have children, and rarely leave the house unless I have to.  Even with no gainful employment, I still can’t get the house cleaned – if I tackle one area with the help of music, that is all I can handle for the day, and then the rest of the house is coming apart and I feel overwhelmed by the clutter and dirt building around me.  I have also neglected the outdoor chores because there is so much to address that I can’t seem to get started.  Instead, I end up on the computer in a self-rewarding loop of surfing sites like this one!

I know the meds don’t help everyone equally, but when I read some ADD/ADHD peoples’ life-altering improvement on the meds, I hope that I am diagnosed so that I can have a chance at that, too.  The thought of being the way I am and not getting the diagnosis leaves me feeling such despair, that I don’t even have that explanation for why I am the way I am.