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Mornings? I LOVE mornings! I know. I am weird. I accept that.

I wake up, try to remember what I was dreaming about, because that is where I find the best stories to write about.

Throughout the day, I wind down and by 5pm, I can barely get out of the car and drag myself through the door. Medication has helped, because I don’t spend nearly as much energy in the day, trying to keep up or correct mistakes, as I used to without them.

When I get home, I need an hour nap. Then it’s dinner, walk the dog, work on the honey-do’s, and maybe some TV or read.  11 rolls around and it’s off to bed.


Here is a question: How much sleep do you need?  I get by with 5 + a power nap. I thrive on 6 + a power nap. Take away the power nap, and it will be days of 10 or more sleeps, before I can recover.