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I used to get by with very little sleep. As long as I got 4 hrs I was fine, 6 hrs was preferable. Then I went through a period where it seemed like I had to have at least 9 hrs and preferred 10 or sometimes as much as 12.

It’s hard to say now because I am not totally in control of when I go to bed and when I get up. All I know is it never feels like enough. Or rarely does. I average about 5-6 hrs/night but aim for at least 7. My biggest problem is not sleeping deeply enough. I find quality is more important than quantity. Sometimes even a 10 min. snooze after the alarm goes off, if I am really relaxed and comfy, makes a huge difference.

As for mornings …..I have always felt that there is a morning person inside me somewhere. In fact, I have enjoyed mornings at times. I worked one summer as a caregiver for a 2 year old and 4 year old with serious behavioural issues (not their fault, very bad family) and I had to get up just before dawn to walk to their house. I would usually take a detour down by the lake and watch the sun rise as I walked and spot beavers and blue herons and other wildlife. And everything was quiet and still, very few people or cars on the road. I would often arrive before the mother was awake and sit on the back steps reading a book until she came and opened the door. I loved those mornings. And the kids kept me on my toes the rest of the day. I grew several extra sets of eyes, ears and hands that summer.

The winter before my dad died I had to get up before 5am 3 times a week to brush snow off his car and shovel if necessary so he could go to dialysis at 6. I dreaded the thought of it but after awhile actually found that it wasn’t that bad. Again, it was peaceful and quiet and I love being outside in the snow. And a wind chill of -20 will wake you up pretty quick.

So I guess it depends a lot on what I am facing when I wake up. If it’s running around frantically trying to get out the door on time to get to work and remember everything I need to take care of before I go and every thing I need to take with me….No, I do not like mornings.