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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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The problems getting comfortable are actually common with ADHD.

It’s because we’re not good at executive function, right?  of sorting through the thousands of bits of information that are pouring into our brains from our 5 senses. I’ve read that the human brain can handle about 40 bits of information per second. And yet we have huge amounts of information coming in from every nerve ending on or bodies, our eyes, our ears, and so on.


So we become hyper sensitive. So many ADHD adults and kids find they have to cut off the tags off all their clothing. [Which, by the way is why the women’s ADHD shirts that were selling  in our shop are so great. Their tag less. Smooth. And incredibly comfortable. Oh and there made in here. So the material is not laced with something bad or toxic.]


We are extremely sensitive. Or some of us are. At the same time, and this seems counterintuitive, because there is so much pouring in we can lose track of signals that others might be picking up. So, we may not be aware of where are hands, arms, or legs are. Which makes us clumsy. Whenever I stumble on one of my toes, which is still surprisingly often, it’s because I’m either rushing and under pressure, or more often rushing because I’m excited about something.

And yes, it’s definitely a journey. Totally. The thing to remember is that on this journey the ultimate destination is its the end of your life. So you don’t want to arrive, really. You don’t want it to end.

Instead, it’s about enjoying the journey, even when you get lost, make a wrong turn, end up somewhere you didn’t plan to be, or have a flat tire and are stuck.  But now I’m getting into a whole other topic: Expectations. Comparing ourselves. Thinking that things should be a certain way. Something we all do, ADHD or not.