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Well I tried Focalin yesterday . I didn’t like it . I felt boring I guess, although I did get a good amount of stuff done in the first maybe two hours but oh yeah and I was also able to focus better like there wasn’t so much going on in my head. I could listen to one song on the radio and it was just background didn’t have to constantly switch.  I did feel like my thoughts were more organized and when I thought to something there wasn’t immediately another thought that made me either forget or not care about the thing I had to do, so that was really good. I didn’t like that it made me quieter like my voice was just quieter and my personality was muted, too. Then for the rest of the day I just felt a little out of it I couldn’t have much to say.  I’m going to try it again today and see how it goes. Then a wait again until next weekend and try again because the Prozac should be pretty much all gone by then and I don’t know I guess I’ll try it for like five days in a row starting next Saturday to see . Sleep was fine and all that so that was good.  Oh and I wasn’t hungry all day so I barely ate and when it wore off at 7:30 I ate a ton. ( The voice recognition thing just typed that I ate Poland. I thought that was really funny.)

I mean I like my thoughts being organized that’s really great . I still locked myself out of the house yesterday so obviously I need to build skills like someone said. But if I feel like it changes my personality I’m not gonna take it . I would much rather have swirling thoughts and make mistakes a lot at work and home than feel like a different person.