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So I’ve been thinking about things I did when I was younger that were impulsive.  Organization and attention problems have always been things I was aware of but now after reading all this information, I can think of a lot of things I’ve done without thinking: going into superiors office to give an idea or complain about something without planning to or thinking things through, spur of the moment lodging a complaint against a boss, written on a RECEIPT 😑, hitchhiking, stealing, getting kicked out of the gifted class for blurting out something very inappropriate, hurting people’s feelings by saying something rude, pulling a knife on my dad because I thought he was going to yell at me or smack me- I remember it being in my hand and being like omg what are you doing? I backed up towards the door dropped it and ran down the street.  I also really hurt a girl one time by pushing her into a pool .  I just did it I don’t know why, we weren’t even really friends and she was crying so I ran down the street that time too.   I’m sorry for clogging up the forum with this stuff, I just never thought about it and I’m kind of taken aback to see patterns in my life that I wasn’t aware of.  My ex husband used to say that I had that Muppets Mahamana song in my head, like just coasting through life without paying attention.  It was much easier to do that than all of this self reflection.  Hopefully my life will be a lot better because of it though.