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Another thing, my aunt has ADD, and my dad is much worse than either of us, but no dx.  He does drink almost a pot of coffee a day, though. he is also super smart so maybe doesn’t need to compensate as much ? I don’t know but he’s hours late for everything, and mom takes care of all the finances and responsibilities. I also remembered when I was little my papers or locker would be always overflowing with trash and junk and God knows what. I was always late for every class . And always tell my mom at like 8 o’clock, oh no we have a project due tomorrow and you have to take me to the store get my stuff . In college I’d always wait till the day before a big thing was due, then work for 12 hours straight.  Like if I finish something the day before it was due and not the day it was due that was a major accomplishment.  I’m still like that now but there are much less papers for me to worry about.