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Thanks for your input onewithmany!

When you stopped taking Ritalin did you taper down slowly while tapering back on to Dextroamphetamine, or did you stop and start all at once?

The reason why I ask is because once my doc tried to switch me from Ritalin to Adderal (same dosage of Adderal) and after 2 1/2 days on Adderal I started getting so unfocused that I couldn’t do anything. My performance at work went to crap as well as my mind. I could barely hold a conversation (I worked at a call center at the time) and I was bombing all my calls.

It felt like extreme withdrawal plus not being able to focus only 10 times worse than before I started taking the medication. I told my doc and he put me back on Ritalin straight away. Ever since then I’ve been afraid of switching off of Ritalin.

I told my doc that on the one day when I had taken Ritalin in the morning and Adderal in the afternoon (the day I was switching) was when I felt the best and I asked him if I could be on half Ritalin half Adderal (same amount of mg. as before) just both medications because that was the best I felt in my entire life was the day I took both. He said no way and that I can’t be on two stimulant medications at the same time.

Ever since then I’ve been really nervous about switching off Ritalin. I would do it if I could taper down on the Ritalin while tapering up on a new drug, but my last doc won’t let me taper he just wants me to go cold/warm turkey when I switch.