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Hi haraldbenz – interesting experiment.

I have never taken Adderall because it’s not available in the UK. However, I do take methylphenidate which, although is different it has similarities.

When I take the quick release version I sleep at night. I don’t sleep when I don’t take it despite being tired all day. I do find I am tired a lot when I am off my meds.

Concerta is the slow release methylphenidate equivalent to your Adderall. I found when I took that, my insomnia was unbearable. I had to stop taking it and go back to the quick release version. I take more on a morning and less on an afternoon. So by evening I have enough in my system to quieten my mind so I can sleep, but not enough that it keeps me awake at night. I like the flexibility of the quick release. I can modify the dose and timings to suit my day.

With regard to going cold turkey……. my psych thinks I can pretty much self medicate with the methylphenidate (obviously not exceeding the max daily allowance), and that includes not taking it if I don’t want to.  Because these drugs are all stimulants with a quick action and a short half-life, there is more flexibility with taking them than with the non-stimulants.

As long as they are taken at therapeutic levels, there shouldn’t be any withdrawal symptoms when we stop taking them. I think the issue is likely to be with the increased effects of returning ADHD symptoms rather than with the drugs per se.  Of course I am not a medic and it’s just my opinion and personal experience.

I am glad you got it sorted. Here’s to sleep at night. :).

Tibrin – thanks for the tip. I might try that out.