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@Tibrin – Votre Anglais est très bon. Je ne savez pas que vous étiez Français jusqu’à ce que vous avez dit ça. 🙂

Melatonin works very well, so I have heard. It was recommended to me by a friend but I have to check with my pharmacist before I try it because of possible interactions. And I keep forgetting to ask every time I’m there, of course. 🙄

Another option for a natural sleep aid is Valerian.  I use it quite a bit and find it works well. The trick is it wears off very quickly. So you have to be ready to go to bed when you take it. The first time I used it I was watching a movie and I started to feel drowsy but I thought I would just wait until it was over. By the time the movie was over I was wide awake and ended up sitting up to watch two more movies. After that I was sure to go to bed right away, like it said in the instructions.

Like I should be doing right now.