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Hi intangible….. Oops. Sorry. I never thought about asking if you drink coffee! 🙂 Coffee and amphetamines – at least for me – most definitely do not mix.

I had to cut back my coffee consumption drastically when I started taking Dexamphetamine –  with both I felt like I was about to have a heart attack or a stroke…..certainly a very odd and unpleasant sensation.  So I make a decision each day….do I want coffee or the meds? That depends on what I need or want to do that day.

My coffee consumption was partly to get or keep my brain going and also displacement behaviour – making a coffee was an excuse to walk around.

With the dex I don’t actually NEED coffee anymore, but I did have withdrawal symptoms when I cut back.  Now I have got used to the meds, how they make me feel etc., I have a coffee or three when the last dose of the day wears off and feel fine.  That’s what I like about the short acting versions of these meds….. I can take one to get going on a morning and then have another for the afternoon followed by coffee in the evening. Or I enjoy a coffee when I wake up and take a dex in the afternoon.  Of course with Vyvanse, because it’s the long acting version you need to be more careful. But on an evening when you feel it wearing off, a coffee is a great way to stay levelled without a crash.