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Thank you for your reply, wiredonjava! I actually have a great doctor now, it is the doctors in the past that have ruined me. I made an agreement with my nurse practitioner that if I see my therapist for anxiety, I can try a stimulant. I have done very well on Adderall (surprisingly) it is just the past few days I have been having anxiety. Today is much better, I think I just let a bad experience scare me. But my new doctor is aware of the Klonopin and they are trying to get me off of it because of how addictive it is. I asked the pharmacist before I got the inhaler if it would cause problems and he said “no”. He lied, haha. I am just at a road block because I enjoy the Adderall and how focused I get, but I am looking for a new approach for my anxiety because after a stupid incident, I get bad anxiety for days. I have tried SSRI’s and I FREAKED OUT on them. Anti anxiety medications make me tired and lazy. Can you see where my dilemma is? LOL. I will keep my chin up, I just have to go through trial and error I guess. Any other advice would be helpful. I think I am going to try yoga and meditation to calm down.