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Anxiety can be a side effect of amphetamine based medications, so it is possible you may not be able to tolerate the Adderal, since you already have anxiety. But it may only be a temporary side effect that will go away with time too.

Other than the increased anxiety, it sounds like the Adderal is working exactly the way it should. That great feeling you had at first is supposed to go away. And the fact that you feel like you are more focused and aware while at the same time you can’t feel the medication is an indication that things are going well. Ideally, you should get relief from your symptoms without feeling like you are on drugs.

I would normally say “talk to your doctor/pharmacist” at this point, but I see that you have been talking to lots of people and are being looked after well by the sound of it.


I just went back and read a little more of what you posted (I sometimes have to do it a little at a time).

Definitely stick with the therapy and try the yoga and  meditation. Personally, I don’t get along well with therapists and I can’t sit still for long enough to meditate. Yoga might help, if I could actually remember to do it. But try anything you can to treat your anxiety without medication (anything that’s healthy).

A quick internet search didn’t turn up much about interactions with Ventolin and amphetamines, so it’s not surprising your pharmacist told you it was okay. If it is rare for two medications to interact negatively, then it’s generally considered safe to perscribe them together.  Unfortunately, that strategy doesn’t always work.

I’m with you on the SSRI’s. The bloody things make me violently ill, though none of the doctors believe me. And other people tell me you just have to put up with the side effects for a few weeks until you adjust. A month of stomach cramps and vomiting?  No thanks, I’ll pass. I believe if your body is rejecting it, then it’s rejecting it for a reason.

As for the coffee, just add Bailey’s. 😉

(joking, of course, I would never seriously suggest that, even though I’m on my second cup right now 😀 )