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@gforcewarp9 – Something I mean to say in my other response in the other thread and forgot…..Maybe you haven’t been on the right medication, or the right dose. Maybe something else would work better for you. Or you might need a combination of more than one. It might help to add an antidepressant too. Boosting your mood will also help your focus.

At least you have a sewing room and have done some sewing. I picked up an old Singer machine at a garage sale months ago and it’s still sitting in my living room. I got as far as dusting it off and plugging it in to see if it works.

I haven’t done a painting in about 20 years. I decided to get back to working on my art a few months ago and the result was a few random unfinished sketches in a book that is now collecting dust in the pile of other unused sketch books and assorted junk. I have no idea where my pencils are.

You are not alone. This is all very common for people with ADHD. So don’t beat yourself up. It’s just a part of who you are and you are an awesome person.