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Thank you for your kind response.

Some days, when I am in serious need of perspective, I have to go straight to the “well I could be living in a hovel in Afghanistan, living in constant fear of drones firing missiles over my families head…” trick of finding something to be grateful for. ADHD is certainly for real, but sometimes the things we stress out about are truly, “white people problems.”  While I certainly would not want to l invalidate my/our feelings– sometimes, a little perspective can help pull me out of the self esteem blues.  You know, it’s funny, because It’s not really our mistakes that are the problem, it’s how we feel about them.  If I have a weird encounter, rack up my kid’s library card with fees, and have a fight with the post mistress in one day, man– I can really lose perspective quickly and then go down  a deep dark hole  for a few days. Other people make mistakes and go on about there lives without questioning their worth as a human being.

Yeah, I will try to find a support group.  I don’t live in a large place, but you never know. I actually wondered earlier today about putting myself out there and starting something myself. As per my family, well…my husband may one of us, so as such, he’s no help!

As for friends, I was lucky enough I suppose, to be born an extrovert. This helped me a lot in my earlier 20’s and 30’s, when I was young, single, wild and free…(sigh.)  So, that helped me for a long time to make friends…but I’ve always had to overcome some social anxiety, and lately, the extrovert-ism’ will often have it’s foot shot by the social anxiety– which seems to have gotten worse over the years. And unfortunately, as an extrovert, I need people! I like them, and I want them to like me. I want them to like me to darn much. I don’t know…I’m O.K for the most part alone and then for some reason, WHAM, I get hit with a bout of lonlieness.

I like your buddy system idea. I’ll  float the idea out there if I get to know anyone with this affliction. I used to do sticky notes, an Ipod with calendar/reminders etc (stolen.) and I write a lot of lists. I’m good at keeping this up for a while, but not consistently.

I’ve lived with this for so long, you’d think I’d have developed a better system for dealing with this stuff by now…

Thanks again for your great ideas and support.