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For what it’s worth, I’ve had episodes of major recurring depression. Some people suggested I might be bi-polar but there is only one pole, so yeah….No.  I have a similar experience – something happens with a person, sets me off, I go into freak out / meltdown / depression / misery / giant spasm…and I stay like that for a few days. Can’t get out. Walk it, talk it, sing lullabies. Zip. Just a crummy time. But I know this will happen and I’m better prepared now to seek out a Significant Change of Venue.  Music, travel, fresh air, high comedy, whatever it takes. Don’t listen – change the scene, change the channel. It will pass. I used to read A LOT into other people’s behavior, but eventually figured out I have no clue, so why bother?

I live in the Pac NW, also, and I’ve been here 20 years and am super sick of the oppressive, dank, moody, mossy, moldy darkness. Arizona sounds great, round about now.