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I’m having a really hard time focusing today so I’m kind only able to skim and respond to bits and pieces of your comments.

You are right to be concerned about your mood. You should discuss it with your doctor. I wouldn’t worry so much about having another label stuck on you. It’s more important to get the right diagnosis and get the treatment you need. Your welbeing is what matters.

I have wondered if I have Bipolar II as well. What you describe sounds a lot like my experience. But I have been tested several times and never tested positive for Bipolar. It may be cyclothymia, which is like a mild form of bipolar. Or it may just be the natural mood fluxuations that come with ADHD.

Also, as you get older, you may experiences changes in your mood  and in how your ADHD presents. So there may actually not be anything new or undiagnosed, just the same things in a different way.