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I have heard the same thing about ADHD and holding on to negative things. Like a feedback loop. We keep coming back to that negative thought/memory over and over.

I like the feeling when I first wake up in the morning too, though I never thought about it that way. But it’s the only time I ever feel truly relaxed, while I’m snoozing, before I have remembered why my alarm is going off and what is facing me once I get up.

Writing down the good stuff can really help. I don’t remember to do it every day, but I try to off and on.  A lot of the self esteem course I just took was about daily affirmations, which make me want to groan and roll my eyes. But it is important to congratulate yourself for the good things you do and remember the things you are grateful for. And you have to go easy on yourself for your mistakes and flaws. I am trying to learn to do that now, to not beat myself up for every time I screw up.

And you have to be your own best friend. No one is ever going to understand your needs better than you. So you have to learn to do what you can for yourself. They talked about that in the self esteem group too, doing something nice for yourself every day.