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This about 3 months late, and tho’  I didn’t read thru all posts I figured I’d pass along a couple of thoughts from my experiences that might help. Not being sure why you’re paying “out-of-pocket” but for me the cost for 3 years of Vyvanse has been about what one pays out-of-pocket for a month.

I lost  my insurance (along with my job) and at a low income  was able to apply to a Shire Cares consumer assistance program (1-888-cares55). From this I received 2 years worth of Vyvanse for free.

Then when the ACA was passed I got an exchange policy and Vyvanse, being an”essential health benefit” has to be covered & is limited in cost by the amount of the copay as well by your out-of-pocket maximum (OOPM) limit.

On my lower income, I stopped paying for the copay due to a very low OOPM. So with 2 years on the assistance program and 3/4 years on Obamacare, I’ve paid in that time what one pays out-of-pocket for one month’s worth.

So if cost is the issue, I’d let either the customer assistance program or  Obamacare solve the issue. gm