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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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Techdog, I get what you’re saying about the easy stuff was hard, and the hard stuff was easy.

At university I barely passed the basic Physics courses like Electricity & Magnetism and Optics. But I soared in Quantum Mechanics & Relativity and in Astronomy. It was only later, after the ADHD diagnosis, that I realized, I had bored grad students teach the basic courses, and no one who is not interested in the material can make anyone else interested. Whereas the more advanced courses had profs who were really into the subject matter. And a passionate teacher makes a huge difference. And the other key? I was interested. It was challenging. It woke me up. Talking about time dilation, black holes, curved space… Wow!

(Do I remember any of it now? Uh, not much. But at the time I soaked it up. And since a lot of it was over my head, I was challenged.)