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@Techdog, thank you for mentioning that you often gave the wrong answer even though you knew the right answer.  I’ve not seen it addressed before.  There seems to be a disconnect between my brain and my mouth.  What leaves my brain is more often than not, not what comes out of my mouth.  This is distressing, often embarrassing, and leaves people with an impression sometimes totally opposite of what I meant.   Then there’s the impulse to explain and correct, and of course, confuse even further.  Communicating by writing is much easier than talking for me.

Now that I’m trying to pay attention, I have noticed that in the time it takes for the words to form from the thought, that my Editor is busy adding, changing, rewriting in the background. At this point, I’ve decided that when, if, I catch myself before I blurt the edited version out, I should clamp my mouth shut and say nothing.  That’s hard, since I go to sleep if my mouth isn’t moving.