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–Hi again ,thanks a lot for answering you’re being very helpful, sorry i didnt mention it but the kid i was referring to is me in the past.Im about 27 years old now.Im just recalling memories.

I m very sure i have it, ive read everything i google-found about it and watched interviews of other people that have it and everything seems to fit perfect.However i recently visited a psychiatrist,who among a few other questions,  he asked me about my school grades and from that he decided i that dont have ADHD  because “by definition ADHD kids have low grades”, as he said.He seemed to me from the way he said that ,that he hadnt  have an in person experience  with people ,or at least adults ,that have ADHD, but only theoritical knowledge.  I actually visited two different psychologists, both seemed to have the same idea about grades.

Very few other things besides my grades were asked about my past,not daydreaming or constant movement  when i was a kid, nothing similar was asked and almost none of the the so many questions ive found on  adhd quizes.Like the one question about my school grades was the critical one to determine if i have it or not.Thats why i posted this question here and why your answer was so helpfull

I also have this question: I read that its quite common for someone to have adhd and due to all the effects in life, especially in the case of a late diagnosis, to later start having what they call bipolar disorder. So my question is, if someone is hyperkinetic by nature and also later have bipolar, do you think that  somehow the last one could “double” or “cover” some similar symptoms like the hyperkinetic, the concentration problem etc and make the adhd diagnosis it a bit more challenging?

–Thanks for the Chimer app idea but i think it will drive me crazy after a while, plus if the alarm hits a few times at the moment that you happen to be concentrated, which it will ,i think it will soon become  disastrous …. 🙂

–And one more: Im from Greece, and in a few days or weeks ill probably have the opportunity to visit new york to see some relatives. Do you happen to know some, free if possible, adhd center there to also get an opinion from them?