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Oh, I hate those psychiatrists. I saw one of them a few months ago myself. He said  I can’t have ADD because I graduated from high school.

But then I went to one who specializes in ADHD and he asked the same question. My mom was there and she told him I always got good grades.  I cringed a little thinking here it comes…..But then he turned to me and said: “How did you get those grades?”

And that is the important question.

There are a lot of other disorders that are common in adults with ADHD. I don’t know if there is a higher rate of bipolar disorder in particular. Personally, I have major depressive disorder and general anxiety disorder. Or at least I think i do. Now that I am being treated for ADHD it might turn out that I don’t.  Doctors often mistake adult ADHD for something else.

But to answer you question, yes, there would be some overlap of symptoms. But just being hyperkinetic is not the same thing as being manic. If you have ever had a manic episode, you would know it.

I’m in Canada so I can’t answer your question about New York services. But as a general rule, nothing is free in the US.

No need to worry about how much you say. We all do it. As long as you break it into paragraphs it’s not too hard to read. 🙂