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@sdwa – Okay, I won’t tell you to try medication. But I will tell you that you are an awesome human being and you need to love yourself and have more confidence in your abilities. 🙂

@wanderquest– I had the same reaction to “You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Crazy, or Stupid?” I pulled it off the shelf at the library, read the title, and instantly burst into laughter. I had no idea that I might have ADD at the time. I was doing research for something else. And I didn’t read much of the book, but what I did read was partly what made me start to think I might have ADD.

It really is such a relief to know that there is a reason for being the way you are. It makes it much easier to forgive yourself.

@paisia – I will be happy to post some of the info I gather on self esteem as soon as I can. I was planning to yesterday but I wasn’t feeling very well and I just couldn’t think clearly enough to do it.

You definitely need to get your thyroid taken care of before anything else. Not only will it make any ADHD symptoms 100 times worse, it will affect your overall health and potentially become very serious if not treated. (Thyroid disease runs in the family.)

Will your low self esteem always be part of you? Absolutely. The trick is learning to manage it, like any other ADHD trait.