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I belive that we all should think on ourselves as a different shape of human being, we cannot judge ourselves or let others to judge us with the criteria used to normal people.
I can do things that most people cannot, among others this one:  Into tough situations, the kind of , that normal people runs away ( I am thinking about something like a business bankruptcy ), however I can control and manage that situations, I had to confess that even I have fun, I feel great. Risk and stress have to me the same paradoxical effect than amphetamines: Makes me feel calm and perfect, I am done for a different way of life and work I have different qualities that are also helpfull to my community, but to me, it is extremely difficult to do things easy to others like to be on time, fulfill a schedule or  be able to finish properly what I started.
Some weeks ago I wrote to the mother of my daughter Belquís, how I understand ADHD:

“I believe that treatment is not necessary, except in extreme cases at that age, I do not think it is convenient until you get older and your body begins to lose its ability to compensate your low dopamine levels. The fundamental problem on children with ADHD  is that they get bored in a normal educational model, they are unable to keep attention, they  need more interactive models , with more challenges. Aside from school there are centers that seek to educate preventing damages in the future because of their impulsiveness and their tendency to create chaotic environments.

I do not think that ADHD is a disorder, it is just a different way of being human , the ADHD are hunters and warriors rather than peasants , their lack of attention is due to a continuous checking on  their environments , their impulsiveness is needed to take quick decisions and low dopamine levels makes them perfect and calm facing danger, the adrenaline does not make them shake neither generates panic, so danger situations have the same paradoxical effect that is seen in hyperactive children when given an amphetamine : they calm down

We have to understand that an ADHD will not be motivated in an environment of farmers, they need environments that can generate interest: changes, challenges. Look at our daughter, changing school does not makes her any problem, new people and a new world, she likes it!

This world is essentially a world of  farmers (it is not pejorative) and we will have to introduce some changes in her world to better suits her, later on we will have to be careful with the sources of dopamine to avoid these sources to hook or to damage her: videogames, risk taking, alcohol, chocolate, drugs, sex …

I do not know why, perhaps by the continuing criticisms in which we are typically submitted during our childhood, perhaps because the lack of empathy we have with normal people distorts our perception of ourselves (I always thought that I had the empathy of a squid but is not true, I have great empathy and understanding for people with ADHD) but we all, ADHD people, we have a distorted and undervalued picture of ourselves.