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Russell Barkley said something like “These people know what to do, they just can’t do what they know.”  When a person with ADHD is put on the correct medication at the right dosage they are able as if by magic to get up on time, clean the house, keep appointments, read assignments, meet deadlines without “a marathon hyperfocussed dash to the finish”, etc.  These tasks are not rocket science.  It’s not something they have to be taught, they know how to do it, they just need the meds to “wake up” their brain.

Clueless undiagnosed people with ADHD think, and are told, that they are lazy, crazy, stupid, don’t try, and unable to manage the most basic of skills.  If lucky, it only leads to low self esteem and shame.  They are ashamed that even though they know what to do, they can’t do it.  Many suffer depression and a variety of other disorders, some as a result of their ADHD.

The good news is that now you know what is wrong.  There is all kinds of help and support available to get back on track.  You can, with some effort, get turned around.  It’s not easy, it takes some time, but it can be done.  Along the way, you may find your self esteem and lose the shame.