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Watercolor is an unforgiving medium. I could never get into it, because once you put something down, you’re committed. I like acrylics, which dry quickly and can be painted over more or less forever until I get it right. Oils are more aesthetically pleasing, but I lack the patience to wait for them to dry. On the other hand, they are the best medium for people who like to paint wet on wet. Plus, these days they have citrus-based paint thinners that smell nice instead of turpentine. Acrylics are best for working dry on dry.



So, what are you doing now, if you don’t mind me asking…? I’ve been wondering what to be when I grow up for at least thirty years.


Did anyone attend the webinar last night? I did. It was my favorite one so far. One of the things that came up was the VIA personality profile thingy. I had done it before a number of years ago with slightly different but more or less the same results. It’s a self-assessment – which I didn’t trust at that time but do now because I haven’t changed very much. (www.viacharacter.org). Giwerc was saying when you are planning your career or whatnot, it’s a good idea to know who you are. My problem is that I’m not sure where my top five traits fit into the world of employment, but another point he seemed to be making is that it’s good to know who you are apart from the roles you play in your life. That self-esteem doesn’t come from the roles, it comes from your essence as a person. Or something like that. I was a little confused.